Fire Department

Our Fire Department is setup to fight fires with real working fire engines, they also provide the island with medical services.

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Job Opportunities

Below you can get a look at the jobs our framework has for you to take advantage of and use to make your Journey a reality!

Sheriff Department

Want to help keep the island safe from criminal activity? Join the Sheriff Department today and start cathing criminals tomorrow!

Department of Justice

Become a Judge and help enforce public justice on criminals by helping the Department of Justice in processing court cases.

Fire Department

Want to become a fire fighter and stop the island from buring like a wild fire? Join the Fire Department and start putting out fires today!

Coast Guard

Join the Coast Gaurd and help keep the seas clear of pirates. The vast ocean is your domain!

U.S. Marshal Service

Help the island by keeping the prisioners and court system maintained by joining the U.S. Marhal Service today!

Start your own Company

You can always start your own company on the island providing citizens with a wide range of services!

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